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We have helped thousands of people to live the life they want by teaching them how to trade.

If you are determined to take an active role in securing a solid financial future, then PowerUp is committed to your success. We have worked hand-in-hand with over 100,000 individual investors empowering them to be profitable traders & property investors. Come and attend our Free Talk.


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" I was trading FOREX by myself for 6 months. At the end of every month I was usually breakeven. After taking the PowerUP FX course, I realized the mistakes I had been making, and started to apply the system as kishore has taught. Slowly I was able to start making $100 per day. Then as my skill improved I started to increase this to $1000 a day. Now I possess the skill to fish for myself. Not only that, I like the fact that I can make money so easily, following the rules of the system. If you attend a Forex course, make it the powerup course"

Adi Soon
Ex advertisement copywriter

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